Olympics Rio 2016

How Jordan’s Olympic medal turned Ahmad Abughaush into an icon | The Power of One Watch a fighting of the Rio Olympic gold medalist Ahmad

Abughaush (JOR / Men's -68kg), who delivered Jordan's first gold medal in any Olympic Sport in history.



Taekwondo Best Moments and Kicks

What has taekwondo come to? stand from a distance , land a kick then run away and put your hand up claiming you got a point. I love watching my brothers videos of him in tournaments 20+ years ago, it was just knockouts after knockouts, hard kicks, amazing skill, precision kicking, now it's just a hard enough tap for the sensors to pick it up and

Taekwondo Knockout 2019

people always say "does it hurt to keep your guards up". They don't understand that TKD is a sport of speed, accuracy, and timing which builds up the strength of a TKD jin/player and making it their advantage. Kicks only connects when timed properly with the right speed and accuracy and in that situation there is only 20% (or more if i'm wrong) possibility that the opponent can anticipate or block the attack. I played TKD and embarassingly ate many head kicks, deym i'm glad they aren't this strong. This sport is almost the same as boxing but with their feet and off course Tae Kwon Do isn't a better sport than boxing or vise versa. In combat sports (martial arts) "there is no such thing as a better art, only a better user". Peace y'all!?

The Rules of Taekwondo (new 2017 Rules) - EXPLAINED

The Rules of Taekwondo. This video covers the new 2017 rules for Olympic Tae Kwon Do - this is a Korean Punching and Kicking Martial Art.