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World Taekwondo conducts 1st “Educator Certification” Course

This coursewas promoted by the World Taekwondo, organized by the “Taekwondo PromotionFoundation” and held at Taekwondowon in Mujo, South Korea on March 9 to 11,2019.

The coursecovers such topics as, WT Competition Rules, Safeguarding Athletes,Anti-Doping, Medical and other Emergency Management, WT history, Culture, andmuch more.

Of coursepromoting and organizing such courses by World Taekwondo if done with the rightobjectives in mind is a step in the right direction but unfortunately WT doesnot give any detailed information on how this course was conducted.

A closerlook at the subjects prepared for this course brings up the questions on theobjectiveness of this course and what impact teaching Korean culture or WThistory would have on improving technical abilities of the participatingcoaches to enable them to train better taekwondo athletes.

According tothe WT site 28 participants – all recommended by their own nationalassociations - from 24 countries participated in the course but there is nomention of which countries or from what continent the participants were!

Dr. ChungwonChoue, WT President said “Those who take and pass this course will be certifiedto pass their newly acquired skills and knowledge on to coaches in their homecountries, and from there, the expertise will spread throughout theirfederations.”

Undeniably organizing such courses to raise the generalknowledge of the coaches to train future taekwondo hopefuls can help improvethe quality of instructors around the world if the selection of theparticipants and the curriculum could be done more skillfully.