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Who Is Running Iraq Taekwondo Federation

Iraqtaekwondo has been in a state of confusion for over 4 years and nobody cares toknow what is really going on.

The lastlegitimate President of Iraq Taekwondo Federation was Dr. Mahmood Shukur whowon the election in 2008 after a long struggle against those who wanted to stagea takeover in the federation.

After theelection Dr. Mahmood tried to bring stability to Iraq Taekwondo Federation andin 2012 was able to appeal to Mr. Kiarash Bahri, an Iranian taekwondo official whowas a member of World Taekwondo Games Committee, the Deputy Secretary Generalof Asian Taekwondo Union and the Secretary General of West Asian TaekwondoUnion to come on board as the National Team Manager to help Iraq Taekwondo Federation.

A new era hadstarted as a steady growth was perceived in Iraq taekwondo from 2012 to 2015and athletes and Iraqi federation started flourishing as things started to becomemore stable.

In 2013 forthe first time in Iraq Taekwondo history a Kukkiwon Grand Master was brought toIraq to conduct a Kukkiwon test in two cities of Erbil in north and Basra insouth.  

As the nextstep in the same year to educate and train Iraqi coaches a “Coaches Seminar”was conducted in Erbil city by a Korean Grand Master.

In additionan Iranian coach who was a member of the coaching staff that later won the WTJunior World Championship was hired on a short term contract to train the IraqNational Junior team and prepare them to participate in the Arab Junior Championshipin Jordan in 2013.

NationalJunior team under the management and direction of the new National Teamsmanager, Kiarash Bahri, and a young promising Iraqi coach named Nabil Ghasem -an ex national team player - travelled to Amman, Jordan with 4 players and wereable to achieve great results when they won  a Gold and a Silver medal that year.

At the sametime internationally Iraq Taekwondo Federation witnessed an increase ofinfluence in the World and Asian taekwondo officials and for the first time inits taekwondo history the federation President, Dr. Mahmood Shukur, was namedthe Vice Chairman of Education Committee.

In themeantime for the senior national team, a young Iranian coach - a veterantaekwondo athlete with several Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in World andAsian Championships named Reza Naderian - was brought on board with a shortterm contract for the to train the senior Iraq National Team with an Iraqicoach to assist him.  

IraqNational team trained with the new coach and the result was a higher thanexpected level of performance in 2014 Asian Championship in Tashkent,Uzbekistan and then in the 2015 World Championship in Russia.

Taekwondohad stepped in the right direction to develop and fulfill its capacities as anOlympic sport but unfortunately for Iraq taekwondo things started to go badlyin mid-2015.

First therewas a scandal about the forgery of the signature of the National Team manageron his contracts submitted to the Iraq National Olympic Committee.

There was abitter dispute between Mr. Bahri and the Iraq Taekwondo Federation about  forged signature on the contracts.

Mr. Bahridid not renew his contract and tried to collect his salary, U$D 10,000, from theIraq National Olympic Committee.

 Inappropriately IRAQ National OlympicCommittee did not honor its contract and Mr. Bahri was eventually forced toleave Iraq without getting paid.

Late in 2015another scandal hit Iraq Taekwondo Federation as it became clear that rumorscirculating for some time about inappropriate use of funds by Dr. Mahmood andhis Secretary General ……..  were true.

TKD PLUSreporter through a confidential source was told that the shady business rundeep within the federation with the help of some Iraq National Olympic Committeeofficials.

 The result of these events brought desolate toIraq taekwondo and had made the President of the federation, Dr. Mahmood Shukur,leave Baghdad for the Kurdistan region in haste.

Since thattime Iraq Taekwondo Federation as an independent association is virtuallynonexistent and has been run by Iraq National Olympic Committee officials.

In its partIraq National Olympic Committee has virtually refused to hold an election tohave a new President for the Iraq Taekwondo Federation and it looks as if IraqNational Olympic Committee has no immediate plans to hold an election in thenear future either.

One wouldthink that all these events would prompt an inquiry or even a closer look bythe Asian Taekwondo Union and/or the World Taekwondo to help Iraq TaekwondoFederation settle these scandals but it looks as if both administrativeorganizations have chosen to close their eyes to everything to hear no evil andsee no evil.  

In themeantime Iraq taekwondo is in disarray and shady characters are using taekwondoin Iraq for their own benefit to fill their pockets while some true taekwondomen sitting on the sidelines and hoping that one day again Iraq taekwondo canset course in the right direction for a brighter future.